Alice in Wonderland Month

You’ve fallen down the rabbit hole and you’ve landed in… Tania’s Teahouse!

For the month of September Tania’s Teahouse is embracing the t o p s y  t u r v y  world that 2020 has seemed to bring and this means we’re decking the cafe out in Alice in Wonderland style, in the form of: whimsical decorations, a limited-edition menu, themed gift-boxes, and a night-to-remember, in the form of a Supper Club


As you enter the cafe look out for nasty and nice characters including the mischievous Cheshire Cat, the elusive White Rabbit, the terrifying (but fabulous) Queen of Hearts and even Alice herself. Since Tania’s Teahouse was nominated the ‘7th Most Instagrammable Cafe in the World’ the team has created a few more picture worthy corners in the cafe, so get out your phone and get selfie snapping.

 Limited Edition Menu 

Gift Boxes

Alice’s Tea Box

Alice’s Tea Box is a very special, limited edition gift box that is perfect to gift yourself or a loved one in honour of this topsy turvy year. The perfect afternoon treat, this box includes a custom ‘Drink Me’ bottle filled with Cheshire Cat tea. You will also find an ‘Eat Me’ stand with a decorated macaron. Eat it if you dare? Alongside these goodies you will receive six more macaroons and a sachet of Tania’s Teahouse retail tea (15g).

150 AED

The Mad Hatters Tea Box

The Mad Hatter would dare not be seen with a mug, even if it is 2020! Upgrade Alice’s Tea Box to include a vintage teacup and saucer, pretty enough to guarantee you entry at even the most exclusive tea party. This set also includes a limited edition ‘Drink Me’ bottle filled with Cheshire Cat Tea, a sachet of Tania’s Teahouse retail tea (15g), an ‘Eat Me’ stand with a decorated macaron and six further macaroons to indulge in.

210 AED

Eat Me

Delve into this delectable Alice in Wonderland themed cookie box. Enjoy an array of scrumptious sugar cookies customised in the theme of Alice in Wonderland. From clocks to the Mad Hatters very own hat what will you get?

Includes x6 ‘Eat Me’ / ‘Drink Me’ Sugar Cookies and x6 OTT Decorated Cookies

150 AED

Eat Me OTT

The queen knows what she wants and if she doesn’t get it, it will be ‘off with your head’! If you have high standards or you are buying for a fellow queen you’re going to want to purchase the ‘Eat Me OTT’ Cookie Box. All of the cookies are expertly decorated and will include objects and characters such as Alice’s Dress, the infamous Doorknob and the White Rabbit’s Clock.

Includes x10 OTT Decorated Cookies 

300 AED