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Tania's Teahouse: The Flagship Now Open

Welcome to Tania's Teahouse, Dubai’s most aesthetic hotspot and the 7th most #Instagrammable café in the world. Specializing in providing a unique and personalized experience for new and loyal guests alike it is now located in Dubai Hills Business Park, and was previously on Jumeirah Beach Road. The new location features an expanded dine-in area and three distinct event spaces. Living up to its world-renowned reputation as an Instagram hotspot, there's a welcome area to snap a picture or two before you even enter. Once you step into the main dining space, you'll notice a glow-up featuring neutral tones with pops of vibrant colour, designed in collaboration with Collectus Studio, a local interior design studio. 

The lighting has been carefully considered for a cosy feel, and plants are featured throughout to help boost your mood, increase creativity, and reduce stress. Of course, Tania has given the space her finishing touch with fun elements dotted around. Look out for the artwork, curated book selection, eclectic furniture pieces, ceramics, and trinkets, many of which are sourced from the local interior brand Urban Nest


A secret door leads to the Tea Room. A comfy and intimate lounge area, it almost has a speakeasy vibe, with moody lighting and jewel-tone finishings. This can be booked out for events, and there are some exciting concepts in store, so watch this space… if you can find it! There are also three new event spaces that can be closed off for privacy. With a capacity of 60 in both rooms for sit-down dining or 135 for a standing soiree, they are ready for brands to add their personal touch.


Of course, the main highlight is Tania's culinary offerings. Dive into its revamped menu, which includes mouthwatering breakfast, salads, snackage, and main options. There's also her much-loved drinks menu, which now consists of a selection of cocktails, mocktails, and elixirs. Tania’s has still got the tea, with her curated list of health-boosting brews evolving from Tania's original concept of wanting to showcase their healing abilities. There are also coffees and lattes that feature the benefits of mushrooms and adaptogens to help power you through the day. Mineral mocktails and elixirs are new on the menu. From anti-inflammatory to immune boosting and hydration to beautifying, you can sip your way to longevity. Then, for the finale, Tania’s is set to be licensed. Making it the perfect spot for catch-ups, you can sit back and enjoy the new cocktail list, wines, beers and spirits. 

As ever, Tania wants to be inclusive of her dinner's diverse needs, so she ensures there are plenty of nutritious options for everyone, with protein add-ons and gluten-free choices to boot. The team also makes their bread in-house, which is a must-try arriving warm to the table. It's seriously delicious and offers a new saying, 'Oven to Table'!

Tania's branches are ever-evolving to become multi-purpose venues, ideal for remote work, casual rendezvous, family gatherings, and celebratory affairs. This is just the beginning for Tania’s, with the team in its soft launch in the coming weeks. With a focus on community spirit and exceptional service, Tania continues to lead the way in dining and event excellence.

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