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Mindful Menu

House Rules: 


As a homegrown cafe, everything is made fresh & in-house, let us know any dietary restrictions or allergies you have so we can best serve you! 


As much as we encourage taking a few pictures for the 'gram, don't let your food go from hot to not.


Kindness is key, we promise to serve you with love & positivi-tea, kindly return the gesture as we don't allow any toxici-tea ;)


We humbly operate with small batch production, to reduce food wastage and strive for sustainability- we apologise if we run out of any items due to a high influx of orders for any particular dish.


*all items are prepared in our kitchen that handles gluten (however our founder Tania is celiac herself, so we take great care to ensure food safety).


*we’re also fully peanut-free as our nutty founder Tania has a peanut allergy (sorry!)

Early Bird Brekkie Platter

All-Day Nourishment

Add ons:
Roasted Chicken 15 | Smoked Salmon 19 |  Turkey Ham 11 | Bread & Butter 11 | Pasteurized Free-Range Eggs 7 | Gluten-Free Bread 15 | Halloumi 11

Build Your Own Salad / 37

Pick your base:

mixed greens, lentils


Pick 5 mix-ins:

Cucumber, cherry tomato, edamame, radish, sweet corn, avocado, pickled beetroot, pickled ginger, mango, broccoli, black olives, mixed berries, sun-dried tomatoes


Pick your dressing:

Sweet chili, asian dressing, signature vinaigrette, balsamic, caesar

Add protein:

Chicken + 15 | tuna + 15 | halloumi + 11 | smoked salmon + 19 | feta + 9 | brie + 11 | blue cheese + 11