hey there, habib-tea

Awarded 7th most #instagrammagable cafe in the world

Tania's Teahouse is Dubai’s most aesthetic hotspot that specializes in tea & providing a truly unique customer experience. ​Located on Jumeirah Beach Road near the stately Burj Al Arab, the café has become a hot spot for both locals and tourists.


​The two-story café serves a wide range of specialty flavoured teas, coffees and food dishes with pun-tastic names including: all-day breakfasts, afternoon tea, super bowls, pastas, sliders, chef's specials, and decadent desserts. TTH has curated a 'mindful menu' which accommodates all dietary restrictions. As a tea enthusiast, Tania has custom-blended each tea herself and they all come in regular, latte or iced form, with the options of upgrading the tea with tapioca pearls or juicy popping bobas. Full of profound health benefits, Tania's Teahouse has an extensive tea menu for all health or mood- related needs. Coffees are also available and are topped off with insta-worthy, fashion-inspired latte art.


The café’s stylish interiors, featuring elegant, rose-gold accents, minimalist marble touches and whimsical plants, make Tania’s Teahouse an optimal venue for freelance creatives working remotely, casual catch-ups, family brunches and celebratory occasions. Themed social nights and wellness events, in addition to the books and board games available in-house make Tania’s Teahouse a hip community hub for creative-tea in Dubai. Visitors can also browse the bou-tea-que upstairs, a retail space featuring local brands and designers. Tania's Teahouse has coined the catchy and punny tagline "Hey There, Habib-tea". The brand has attracted a cult-like following through its social presence and is fast becoming a household name.

Our Founder: Tania Lodi

Meet our founder, Tania Lodi. Born in the US and raised in Dubai, Tania was studying psychology at University of Toronto, where she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder that caused chronic pain. During this time, she looked to tea for its wondrous health benefits. Following her bachelors, Tania Lodi took a course in mindfulness, writing a dissertation of the effects of positive thinking, it inspired her theme of positive-tea. Learning that many people were also dealing with similar health problems alongside personal and social issues, at the ripe age of 23 she decided to open a cafe in Dubai which used the notion of cafe culture an escape from one's daily grind- a space with pretty aesthetics, delicious and beautiful food, and healthy teas being promoted in a fun and unique way. Tania actively promotes female empowerment within the region and the importance of engaging in self-care to enhance ones well-being.


Tania's Teahouse evokes a feeling of "positivi-tea". Tania's secret to happiness is finding joy in the little things, such as her daily cup of tea. Tania's Teahouse believes in the value of being "instagrammable, but impactful", where social media is utilised in a way to inspire guests and evoke ultimate sereni-tea. At Tania's Teahouse guests are encouraged to 'lose' themselves over a cup of tea, and bask in the ambience of a pretty, calming and detoxifying atmosphere, whilst also reaping the health benefits of the teas served. Happiness is a state of mind and at Tania's Teahouse and the brand weighs a heavy importance on: self care, being mindful and conscious of what we are putting into our bodies and showing compassion and kindness to ourselves and all things around us. We also encourage the love and care for furry friends, thus our outdoor garden is pet-friendly, where pets get free water.

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