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Why Tea?

All teas at Tania's Teahouse are custom-blended and hand-picked by Tania herself, through a private supplier that ethically sources them from around the world.


Studies show that teas have a plethora of health benefits, both physically and mentally: teas are high in antioxidants, they boost your immune system against infections and bacteria, they help with anxiety and depression, they help your heart, lungs, stomach, teeth, and help reduce symptoms of pain and stress.

Tea Culture:

Magic Steepers

TTH also serves their tea in unique 'magic tea steepers' which are spill-proof contraptions and custom-made; one-of-a-kind in this region!

Our Magic Tea Steepers are made from tritan (they're free of estrogenic activity and androgenic activity), tritan is the most sustainable & safest type of food-grade plastic and is also 100% recyclable. It is also extremely long-lasting, heat-resistant and BPA free. 

Tea Facts

• Teas are ridiculously high in antioxidants

They boost your immune system against infections and bacteria.

• Teas have L-theanine- which boosts your brain concentration, increases your immunity against illnesses, viruses, and bacterial infections & also relieves stress, anxiety & depression

• Teas reduce toxins in your body and contain flavonoids, a type of polyphenols which help protect your heart and lower cholesterol.

• Teas also aid our respiratory system and help repair oxidative damage, and reduce symptoms of asthma.

• Teas are calorie-free & guilt-free!

Responsible Tea Production:

Ethically Sourced

Tania's Teahouse works with tea plantations that are part of the ETP (Ethical Tea Partnership) which monitors and regulates social conditions on tea estates.Certified by Fair Trade- this movement ensures that a percentage of profits for goods sold remains in the hands of the workers who created them. The organization also attempts to regulate environmental controls on industries in the developing world.

Social Welfare

The social welfare of our tea family is a priori-tea. Tania's Teahouse works with a private supplier whose tea estates build homes, hospitals and schools to ensure workers and their families are well cared for. Unlike many other commercial crops, most teas can be grown continuously throughout the year, which, for workers in the developing world, means a sustainable income is available year round.


We don't allow any toxici-tea at Tania's Teahouse- our teas are organic, chemical-free and are grown without conventional pesticides, petroleum-based fertilizers or sewage-sludge based fertilizers.


Tania's Teahouse teas are from luxury tea plantations, where most teas are hand-plucked- this harvesting process consumes very little fossil fuel and releases virtually no CO2. Our tea partners created an environmental action plan and planted 15,000 trees, preserved 80 acres of wetlands & forests and became carbon-negative in 2011.We also encourage our tea lovers to shrink their carbon footprint, by going tea-bag free and using our magic tea steepers to dispense our magical tea leaves; 0% waste & 0% hassle!


Our tea estates are C-TPAT certified (Customs trade partners against terrorism) which is a voluntary supply-chain security program which ensures a food safe environment, HACCP certified, and certified by other third party food safety programs, including: FSSC 2000, BRC, and SQF.



Ethically Sourced

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