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Our Founder: Tania

Meet our founder, Tania Lodi. Born in the US and raised in Dubai, Tania was studying psychology at University of Toronto, where she was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder that caused chronic pain. During this time, she looked to tea for its wondrous health benefits. Following her bachelors, Tania took a course in mindfulness, writing a dissertation of the effects of positive thinking. This inspired her motto of positive-tea. Learning that many people were also dealing with similar health problems alongside personal and social issues, at the ripe age of 23 she decided to open a cafe in Dubai which used the notion of cafe culture an escape from one's daily grind- a space with pretty aesthetics, delicious and beautiful food, and healthy teas being promoted in a fun and unique way. Tania actively promotes female empowerment within the region and the importance of engaging in self-care to enhance one’s well-being.

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